"I don't like the colour of the sky. Shut the fuck up."


            -David Karp

This post hit tumblr hard in the March of 2013, originally a Hipster post, but this got WAY out of hand.

First ApperanceEdit

Unknown. Around about early March 2013. Obviously Hipster in origin judging from the stupid and irritating text post at the top with little meaning followed by those (I hate to admit it) Slightly artistic pictures of the sky. 

Criticism Edit

By far the most annoying fine to appear on dashes in the history of Tumblr, the Hipsters nearly got us but thank 

God for the fangirls who managed to take this over with several strange and peculiar creations. 


Fandom reactions to seeing this post


As much as it pains, the pictures themselves are quite decent, and should belong in a gallery and not on some 

Hipster blog. However, because of the stupid "Do you like the colour of the Sky?" text, it should be burnt. 


Will probably disappear in a month like most of these Hipster storms, but it will live long in our memories as being very frustrating and cringeworthy.