Fanfiction is the often 18+ creative writing of Fangirls /Nerdfighters. It is predominantly based around a ship , probably the writers OTP .  

Non Smutty 'Fluffy'Edit

This is almost impossible to find on tumblr, off tumblr it can probably be located on some obscure blogspot blog, but here on tumblr, we prefer the more unorthodox fanfiction. There are however, so more humorous fanfics lurking somewhere on the dashboard, and if you find these please fill this space with information.


The motivation behind fanfiction is the author’s desire for their OTP to go canon .  It requires a very creative and imaginative individual to write fanfiction, seeing as many fanfictions require an artistic use of vocabulary so that the author can claim it is art rather than 50 shades of grey styled porn. 


The plots always involve two people having sex or sexual encounter. Sometimes there can be a very bizarre plot, such as Sherlock becoming pregnant. During an article from the Sunday times, Cumberbatch said, “they writestories and do manga cartoons of what they think you get up to behind closed doors. Some of its funny. Some of its full on sex. Get Martin to show you some.”


Actor Martin Freeman, who plays John in Sherlock and is an avid Johnlock fanfic reader

Martin Freeman has commented on countless occasions about the Johnlock fanfiction, which is why it’s so common and safe to talk about. Other celebrities such as Dan Howell or Phil Lester (Phan) may of commented on the subject, and Dan Howell may of said he had no problem with it similar to Cumberbatch and Freeman, but come on, nothing is funnier than Johnlock.

Conclusion Edit

Fanfiction is a taboo subject, and closely tied In with the Fangirl culture. Fangirls of course being a major part of the Tumblrverse, any non fangirls/fanboys should just shut up and put up with it.