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Hipsters are 14-30 year olds that have made a name in taking bad photos of grass and dog turds. Unfortantly, they have made a significant presence on Tumblr and are a serious threat to the more prominent Fangirl culture. Hipsters pride themselves on not admitting to being hipsters and pretending to be poor.

Definition of a HipsterEdit

A Hips

ter is a middle class 14-30 year old who strive to be ‘un-mainstream’ to the point where they have created a subculture and their own ‘special’ fashion. In the song “Being a D*ckhead Is Cool” By Reuben Dangoor ( you can find the basic mainstreamer view on Hipster fashion.

Fashion SummaryEdit

Thier fashion is based around ‘uniqueness’ (which is really defying the point) and individuality.  They will wear lenseless square glasses, scarves, tight necks and the coat Macklemore wore in the music video of Thrift Shop.  Bright ridiculous colours are also a ‘thing’ for them along with wearing purple unisex leggings.  Vintage is the big thing, no matter how useless this is. Many shops in Brighton and London are Hipster specified, and these places are where Hipsters can be commonly found. 

Types of PostsEdit

Hipsters are well known for editing a fandom picture and adding some ‘inspirational’ quote. The Fangirl culture then battles tersely to make these fandom related again, one example being a Hipster using a picture of the TARDIS orbiting a supernova (Doomsday, s2). It only took a few comments a reblogs to ‘reclaim’ it for the fandom.

Hipster Drain

A hipster going the extra mile for that turd pic

Another common post is random turds on grass. While most of us would avoid these disgusting things, Hipster jump for joy, get out their iPhone and upload it to instagram and tumblr immediately.

Also look out for self pics using some vintage effect that is meant to boast the photographers artistic brilliance apparently.  


Any tumblr user should make it a primary goal to force the Hipster off of tumblr and back into the starbucks whence they came.