Johnlock Fan Art

Johnlock is a ship that combines Benedict Cumberbatch's 'Sherlock' and 'Martin Freemans ' John Watson in the BBC original drama Sherlock.

Ship PopularityEdit

By far the most popular ship on tumblr, Johnlock has had countless fanfics and fan arts based on it. Both actors are aware of the ship and generally appreciate their fans hard work, though there have been issues when the actors were confronted with the work on live television. It is the most popular ship in the Sherlock fandom, but there is still a distinct group that recognises a brotherly bond between the two, rather than a romantic one.  

Obscenity Edit


10%=  Fluffy/Non Smutty

If you ever read a Johnlock fanfic, do not eat or drink while doing so, they are very creative and graphic.



While the actors have not expressed explicit shipping of Johnlock themselves, the work is generally a very high standard. Johnlock fanwork is very creative and amazingly funny if not sometimes shocking.