Martin Freeman is a British born actor and Fangirl heartthrob because of his roles in the Hobbit and Sherlock. 

Early Life and Stalker FactsEdit

Martin was born in Aldershot Hampshire on the 8th September 1971. His parents separated when he was a child, then when he was ten his naval officer father, Geoffrey, died of a heart attack when Martin was 10. He comes from a catholic family, despite his parents never being deeply religious Martin says it has influenced his life.

-Martin is a Vegetarian

-Martin met his wife, Amanda, on the set of Channel 4s Men Only in 2000

-He has a son and daughter

-He lives in Hertfordshire 


Martin started perusing his acting career at 17, when he decided he was confident enough. His first prominent screen role was in the British version of The Office as Tim Canterbury, for which he was nominated for the British Comedy Awards. He also appeared in the Sacha Baron Cohen film Ali G Indahouse (2002) as Ricky C.


Other notable appearances include his stint as Arthur Dent in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe 2005 adaptation, also in the massive a-lister movie Love Actually, Where the he was in the nomination for best cast at the Phoenix Film Critics Society. His role as Mr Maddens in the much loved family movie Nativity! Was the first family role he had performed on screen and seemed like the start to a much more active career in recent years where he has gone from one project to the next, including the long  awaiting Peter Jackson adaption of The Hobbit.

His most famous role is of course as Dr John Watson on the BBC TV detective drama Sherlock. For this role he has cemented a place in Tumblr’s hearts.


Martin adores his fans, and enjoys checking Tumblr for whatever smutty fanfic he can find, and he introduced Benedict Cumberbatch to them.  


As Watson

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